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Digestive - bloating, discomfort, constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, inflammatory bowel disorders  

Skin - eczema, acne, ageing  

Energy - unexplained fatigue and poor sleep  

Hormonal - PCOS, PMS and painful periods, fertility, fibroids, thyroid disorders, adrenal dysfunction  

Immunity & Allergies - recurrent colds and other infections (including cystitis), hay fever, sinus issues  

Weight – weight gain and sluggish metabolism

Thank you for taking the time to look through the site. It’s my privilege to spend time with you and I look forward to helping you get further forward from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be. 

Maybe you are someone that wants more energy? Maybe you are someone that wants to get rid of some digestive issues? Maybe you've tried diet after diet which just somehow made things worse? Maybe you have an illness or health condition that stops you from enjoying life? Maybe you just want more happiness and feel great in your own skin?  

If any of these read like you in any shape or form, I want you to know that you are in the right place and it’s my pleasure to spend time with you and help you further forward.  

I am a foodie based in South East London, who believes that good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy and happy life. Food should taste delicious and be a pleasure to eat, making you feel and look good. As a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, I help women to look and feel amazing every day by transforming the way they eat.  

My journey to becoming a nutritional therapist started when I had a big crash in my mid-twenties just after I graduated from University, working in my dream job, in New York.  

I was stressed, under tremendous pressure, lived on a very SAD diet (Standart American Diet), and in general, working and partying too hard. I pushed my body to its limits for way too long, thinking that I am young and invincible!  

Oh well, you can guess how it ended!  

IBS with deliberating pain, lack of energy, poor skin, weight loss and poor health. It came to the point that I had no energy to get up from bed due to fatigue that made normal daily routine impossible to achieve.  

Not getting much help from the doctors I turned to natural medicine, I went to see a nutritional therapist and things started to be better. In 3 months I reduced the IBS symptoms by 90% and in 6 months I felt great again.  

Through this process, I realised how nutrition is powerful, how it affects how you feel, how you look, how you think and the quality of your life. Nutrition and self-care have brought me back to fabulous new. I decided to go and empower women and help them take control of their health and their bodies. I know it is possible and within reach to everyone with the right support.  

I studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, I am a full member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  

Additionally, I am a NLP practitioner trained in offering motivational coaching and group programmes.  

I have had a wealth of experience working with women to transform their diets, their health and their waistlines in London and New York. Prior to re-training, I spent 5 years teaching yoga, and also in a variety of sales and marketing roles in different industries. Now I am a mum and an entrepreneur so I understand the challenges of combining a healthy lifestyle with a busy family life and stressful job on top of it.  

Registered Nutritionist in London
CNHC Registered
NLP Practitioner

Let's work together

I am always happy to jump on a call and connect with people who want to start making healthy choices. Book a free consultation to chat with me to get some ideas, be inspired and learn how my process works. 



Heal yourself naturally, I can show you how


Are you ready to change your life?  

Hi, I'm Sylwia, a registered London nutritionist and health coach. I help busy women just like you look and feel amazing every day by transforming the way they eat.  

Do you struggle with time, energy, motivation and never-ending weight loss goals? Do you have good intentions, but after a busy and exhausting day, you can't be bothered with taking care of yourself? Do you always need to 'reward' yourself with chocolate, ice cream, crisps or wine once the children are in bed? Do you need endless cups of coffee to get you through the day?  

If you came to this website and any of these read like you then you probably are seeking help with your nutrition and lifestyle to help you reclaim your health and energy back. I’m glad you did. As a nutritional therapist, my practice is driven by my passion to give you hope, knowledge, and direction to self-heal so you get your energy, weight, hair, joy and optimism where you always wanted them to be.  

What sets me apart from other practitioners in the area is that I combine nutritional therapy (that's the science of what to eat) and functional medicine with health coaching to help you put that knowledge into practice in a meaningful way – and keep you motivated to continue the good work. working with me, you'll be listened too, I treat you as an individual and you will receive a personalised nutritional plan to your exact needs.



I feel that women need special support these days 

We are overworked, stressed, under constant pressure fulfilling never-ending responsibilities with lack of time or energy for self-care.

I see women like this every day, suffering quietly, being strong and pushing their limits till they break. It's a sad reality, we are losing connection with ourselves, our bodies and minds which lead to ill health, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, and fatigue.  

I've been there, I know this from my own experience. To break this vicious cycle I can teach you a healthy way of eating and living that will provide wonderful results for life. By going back to the basics and implementing simple changes you will regain control of your health and body. Your energy will increase which will give you the power to change things around so you can achieve your goals, whatever it is, loving your body, feeling balanced, strong and happy so you can enjoy your life.  

You have the power to change how you feel, and it doesn't have to be complicated or difficult with the right support and simple step by step process. I am here to guide you through this process, whatever you decide to work with me or not I can show you the direction. Book your call and let me help you.  

London Nutritionist Testimonial

"I never imagined I could cut sugar out, I was the biggest chocoholic! I have tried to lose this excess weight and have a better lifestyle pretty much since I was 14 (I am now 30) - finally I have been able to achieve it. I did the candida diet with Sylwia and went on a 3 month detox cutting out all sugar which included chocolate, cakes, biscuits, bread, pasta and most fruit. Not only have I lost over a stone, my skin is better, my energy levels are more balanced, my anxiety has reduced and I feel so proud of the discipline I have gained. I feel so much healthier and I feel I carry myself better. Booking my nutrition sessions with Sylwia has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has changed my life mentally and physically, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!".


Best London Nutritionist

"Sylwia's programmes are inspiring and motivating and have helped me achieve goals that I never thought were possible. Sylwia is friendly and approachable and always available to help answer questions and offer valuable guidance. Sylwia offers an excellent service and I commend her for her hard work and efforts, she has to be up there as one of the best nutritionist London has".


Best London Nutritionist

"I have just completed a 30 day programme with Sylwia and I must congratulate her on her professional approach. Her positive and fun demeanour is truly infectious. Her sound advice is backed up with logic and never radical; her extensive knowledge and ethos are based on a healthy lifestyle, avoiding fads and focusing on facts. Without hesitation, I would recommend her programmes."



If you are serious about making a change there are a number of ways that I can support you. I've created different programs depending on your needs, budget, level of support and severity and complexity of your health challenges. If you are not sure where to start, contact me and I will guide you throughout the process.  

The key focus of my work lies in the restoration of the digestive system, balance of a person’s sugar levels, liver detoxification and emotional wellbeing, like self-love. I put my trust in the healing powers of real food, sleep, and emotional healing. 


My online programs are a great way to jump right into your journey to health and wellbeing. Whatever your goal; weight loss, restoring energy, improving digestion or improving your skin, these programs can be done at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Start a free program


If you feel that you need more support book a discovery call and we can discuss the best way I can help you resolve your challenges. The one to one programs allow to get into the bottom of the problems by finding the root cause, you will get a bespoke nutritional plan created to support your body in repair and healing processes with my expert advice, support and encouragement. 

Find our more about One-To-One programs


If you need to take a break from your busy life and take a moment to reflect, relax and recharge I can take you to a magical Island of Ibiza for my annual Women's Wellness Retreat. You will be able to create you wellness vision that will transform your health and life. You will have a chance to reconnect with yourself and give yourself a real break to focus only on you for a change. 

Learn more about my Womens Wellness Retreat  

Free Discovery Call 

Free Online Programs

What others charge for, I'm giving away for free

These programmes are free and great way to jump right in to your journey to health and wellbeing, you can make a change today without high costs being barrier in your way.  

Whatever your goal; losing weight, restoring energy, improving digestion or improving your skin, these programmes can be done at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. All my programmes are based on sound nutritional principles that I give to all my clients and they are intended to be easy to follow, family friendly and very effective. However, if at any time of the programme you find you need deeper support and tackle specific symptoms, you can always book a free discovery call and discuss one to one programmes options. 

Get Lean and Clean Free Online Program


This FREE 30 day programme is designed to allow slow release of toxins from your body to help you feel energised, lose extra weight, and make your complexion look radiant. The recipes are packed with nutrient dense foods that will nourish your body and provide building blocks to rejuvenate and restore bodies balance. 

Start your free Detox now


This programme is for anyone who would like to discover just how delicious vegetarian or vegan meals can be. Even if you don’t want to give up meat you can still take part and learn how to eat more veggies and how to cook them so you actually can enjoy them! 

Go Veggie now

London Nutritionist Services

One to one services

Please click here for more information on the following services.  

Personal weight management, eating disorders, healthy eating for pregnancy and preconception, vegetarian and vegan / plant-based diets, infant and child nutrition, eating for IBS, general healthy eating and diabetes.

Women's Wellness Retreat

Every year, I run an annual retreat in Ibiza, find out more about my women's wellness retreat.

Online Nutrition Programs

My free online programs are a great way at making the first steps towards new healthy habits that last a life time. 

One to One Consultations

Consult a Nutritionist

I know from experience that the best way to get results is by working with clients for a longer period of time (usually two, three months or longer). It takes a little time to adopt simple dietary tips and create healthy habits and a shiny new mindset around food. If you are looking for ongoing support, I would love to work with you.  

My unique programs give you one on one expert nutritional guidance, health coaching and strategies based on psychological research to help you change what, why and the way you eat. 

What to expect from a nutritionist consultation

Being a London Nutritionist I can see clients in South East London and/or Central London, in person, but can carry out an online nutritionist consultation via WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime or a good old telephone, if needed.  

An initial personal consultation will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes which allows me to consider your symptoms by getting an in-depth health and lifestyle view that takes into account your medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress.  

I'm here to educate, support, motivate and to provide ongoing one-on-one support while working with you. As a certified coach, I cheer on each of your wins no matter how small and make my nutritional consultations a safe, fun environment to be in where you can thrive.

Other consultations available

  • Follow-up consultations (45 minutes, in person but can also be by phone, Skype or FaceTime)  
  • Coaching sessions (15, 30 or 45 minutes - depending you your needs, in person or via phone, Skype or FaceTime)  
  • Kitchen cabinets makeover/cleanse
  • Easy and quick cooking demo, trip to your local supermarket, health food shop or farmer's markets (included only in the Premium Programme)  

How much is a nutritionist consultation?

The fees are dependant on the length of the program, your needs and how much support you might require, we can discuss this on your free Discovery Call

Let's work together

I am always happy to jump on a call and connect with people who want to start making healthy choices. Book a free consultation to chat with me to get some ideas, be inspired and learn how my process works. 

Women's Wellness Retreat Ibiza

Reconnect with yourself, restore your energy and vitality and fall back in love with your life!

Are you stressed, overworked and exhausted? Do you feel like you never have the time or the energy to look after yourself? Do you feel like you’re living life on auto-pilot?  

If you’ve had enough of dragging yourself through the day, being out of touch with your body and mind and running around taking care of everyone else, we have a place for you!  

Join us on beautiful Ibiza, reconnect with your heart, calm your mind and restore your vitality. Let our yoga teachers lead you to release your tension and stress with calming and restorative yoga classes and learn new relaxation techniques.  

Lift your energy and nourish your body with a food menu that's balanced and cleansing food, designed by a nutritional therapist.  

Reconnect with yourself and create your wellness vision that transforms your life.  

You will be surrounded by a circle of women who will join you on a powerful journey of self-discovery and life-changing realisations. 

You'll leave feeling empowered and recharged with a vision that will allow you to transform your mind and body so you can fall in love with yourself and your life again! 

  Register Your Interest   

Your Wellness Retreat Offers:

  • 7-night stay at beautiful villa (shared and private rooms available)  
  • One to one health coaching and nutritional advice to improve your health and vitality  
  • Daily personal growth and wellbeing workshops to connect with your needs and values to create a wellness vision and step by step plan to implement into your life  
  • Shakti Spirit Dance experience to move into the feminine sensuality of your body 
  • Sound healing with music, to open your heart and free your expression  
  • Daily yoga session and classes to connect you with your physical body, your inner-mind and your intuition  
  • Daily meditation and self-healing visualisations to awaken the goddess within
  • Locally sourced, organic, homemade vegetarian breakfasts, brunches, dinners and snacks to gently cleanse, nourish and restore your vitality  
  • Flights and airport pick-up not included
Women's Wellness Retreat Ibiza

“ I will hold my time in Ibiza close to my heart and am so grateful I made the decision to get out of my comfort zone! ”

Women's Retreat Ibiza - Private Villa

The Villa

Unwind, Renew & Breath at our beautiful Ibizan home  

A warm welcome awaits you at our charming, rustic and authentic villa (finca in Spanish).  

Located on the quiet outskirts of Santa Eulalia, we offer privacy and peace so you can fully relax and recharge but you are always a short stroll away from beautiful beaches and nearby cafes.  

There are many options to take leisurely walks or bike rides in the surrounding roads, where you may see local farmers or olive pikers in their daily duties or the goats and sheep graze. Set in two acres of woodlands, our finca has extensive gardens with fruit trees, a beautifully maintained grass lawn, Indonesian day beds for you to lounge in and the large 12 x 6-meter swimming pool with terrace has plenty of sunbeds and sunshine. 

It's a sanctuary

You will find a wonderful space to roam the land and take some YOU time. Read a book by the pool, meditate on one of the terraces, sunbathe and watch the stunning sunset/sunrise views across the countryside and enjoy sounds of nature.

Ibiza Retreat For Women


The bedrooms offer comfortable space and calming energy for you to relax and recharge. Each room opens up to the outdoors either to the garden, orchard or the courtyard. Deco is Nordic Ibizan chic with white washed walls, tiled floors, furnished simply and elegantly in the traditional Ibizan style and some holistic luxuries added in, including 100% linen (flax) bedding and organic pure natural plant-based complimentary toiletries. Each room has air-conditioning.  

All rooms are offered on a sharing basis. 

Women's Only Retreat in Ibiza

Room prices range from £950 - £1,550 depending on the number of beds and whether the bathroom is shared or not.  

Please contact us to discuss what room would suit your needs best.

Daily Sample Itinerary

Day of arrival  

  • Arrive from 16:30 and relax by the pool  
  • Afternoon snack and heart-warming herbal teas  
  • 19:00 - welcome dinner, welcome circle ceremony  

Day 2 - 7  

  • 08.00 - fruits/nuts and herbal teas  
  • 08.15 - 10.15 - meditation and heart-opening yoga  
  • 10.30 - juice and light breakfast  
  • 11.00 - 13.00 - me-time  
  • 13.00 - lunch time  
  • 14.00 - 17:00 - me-time, 1:1 sessions, treatments & therapies  
  • 17.00/18.00 - evening workshops: Estatic dance, gong ceremony, health and wellness, departure for sunset hikes & cliff top meditation  
  • 19.00 - dinner & sweet dreams  

Departure day  

  • Check out 10.00 after breakfast

Things To Do

  • Connect with nature during evening walks  
  • Enjoy reading an inspiring book with an awesome view  
  • Go swimming in the deep blue sea  
  • Have a relaxing massage  
  • Have fun in guided sunset hikes  
  • Enjoy the aromatic fragrance of the young fruit orchards  
  • Go for a wonderful circular walk around Casa Lakshmi through peaceful forests and past sheep grazing next to stunning Andalucian horses  
  • Enjoy an a la carte program of holistic treatments & therapies, tailor-made to suit your needs  
  • Visit sourounded towns and beaches 


Vegetarian Food Ibiza

The menu is completely vegetarian with a variety of fresh, organic, seasonal dishes, fruit juices, energising smoothies and protein plates. lt is all lovingly prepared by Mar, our incredibly talented chef. The menu has been specifically designed to gently cleanse and nourish your body. We also cater for any food allergies and intolerances; please notify us when booking a place. 


The menu is completely vegetarian with a variety of fresh, organic, seasonal dishes, fruit juices, energising smoothies and protein plates. lt is all lovingly prepared by Mar, our incredibly talented chef. The menu has been specifically designed to gently cleanse and nourish your body. We also cater for any food allergies and intolerances; please notify us when booking a place. 

SHARED ROOM: starts from £950 per person  

 27th June - 4th July 2019  



Women's Wellness Retreat

“Since I’ve come back from the wellness retreat many things have changed in my lifestyle”


I had the privilege to be part of this wellness retreat this past summer and I had a wonderful time! From doing yoga with a view, having catered meals designed by a nutritionist on site to meeting new people and taking the time out to focus on myself for once. It was the perfect balance of relaxation getting sun kissed by the pool and being adventurous taking hikes to see the sunset. Looking forward to next year!  

- Geordana, New York City  


The best part about this retreat was the focus on overall wellness. There was no pressure to be a yogi during yoga, nor was there any pressure to be a vegan during the home cooked vegan (and delicious!) meals. It was all about exploration - both self exploration, and exploration of the beauty that surrounded us. There was a true balance of relaxation, exercise and adventure that I had not previously experienced. I will hold my time in Ibiza close to my heart and am so grateful I made the decision to go out of my comfort zone and attend!  

- Emily, New York City  


I would love to thank Sylwia and Beata for an amazing week in Ibiza! From the moment I step into our Finca I felt like home. Both of them went out of their way to make me feel like a part of a family. Before I came to Ibiza I couldn't imagine that I would be able to stay away from gluten, sugar and diary for a week. I did it and the whole experience changed how I see food now. Sylwia's nutritional consultation showed my how important is to eat clean and organic for our body and not only. I love our ecstatic dance parties with Aurora and my an amazing healing touch of Fiona. I met great people. The whole group of us brought something unique to the table. I learned so much in only a week! I would love come come back again next year!  

- Joanna, New York City  


Since I’ve come back from the wellness retreat many things have changed in my lifestyle. Of course all the changes made me feel much better. I’ve learn so much about myself and how to deal with all those problems that I’ve been suffering from for years, thanks to those hours spent with Sylvia talking about a new way of eating that would help me eliminate unexpected cramps and bloating. Beside all the after effects of that trip I can't not mention that magical and very relaxing time that we’ve all spent here. It takes a very special talent as well as skill to handle a group, which within had a few persons who have never experienced yoga before. I was able to see beautiful places and do things that I would never dreamt of doing such as ecstatic dance. In the end I have to compliment the food, it was very tasty, colorful, and best of all healthy; what a treat that was! I was able to loose a few pounds and energised my body and mind.  

- Monika, New York City

Your Team 

Sylwia Razak Ibiza Retreat Host

Sylwia Razak Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach 

I am a foodie who believes that good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy and happy life and that food should taste delicious and be a pleasure to eat as well as making you feel and look good. My aim is to empower my clients to improve their nutrition and lifestyle and address the root causes of health issues, so they can live the fullest, healthiest and happiest lives.  

I studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, I am a full member of theBritish Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  

Additionally, I am a health coach and NLP practitioner, trained in offering motivational coaching and group programmes.  

I have had a wealth of experience working with women to transform their diets, their health and their waistlines in London and New York. Prior to re-training, I spent 5 years teaching yoga, and also in a variety of sales and marketing roles in different industries. I am a mum and an entrepreneur so I understand the challenges of combining a healthy lifestyle with a busy family life and stressful job on top of it.

Guiletta - Ibiza Retreat Host

Giulietta Durante Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach 

I firmly believe that good food lies at the heart of wellbeing and that we truly are what we eat. Not a day goes by when I am not genuinely humbled by the effects that food can have on our health. Over the years I have worked with many women who have wanted to start looking and feeling their best again and I feel truly privileged to have been allowed to help so many women achieve their goals.  

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach and I hold a first class degree from the University of Westminster. Like Sylwia I’m also a full member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).  

I am also a massive advocate of body positivity and I work tirelessly to help women become more accepting of themselves so that they can finally feel at home in their bodies again. Growing up in the Mediterranean nothing excites me more than leading a group of women to reconnect with themselves on the sandy shores of Ibiza and to help them find their inner goddess! 


Why Ibiza? Because it is a woman's island. Protected by the female goddess Tanit, goddess of fertility, she is a place where you can feel free to truly be who you are. Through yoga, music, dance, sound healing, meditations in the magical natural beauty, she will inspire you and open your heart and go with the flow of life.  

She calls you to embrace your intuitive impulses, to celebrate creativity. She encourages you to remove your masks, to meet your inner-self, to acknowledge your hearts truth: your deepest desires and needs.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation regardless of the circumstances the following refund fees will apply:  

€200 booking deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellation 2 weeks or less before date arrival date: 0% refund.  

Cancellation 2 to 4 weeks before date arrival date: 25% refund.  

Cancellation 4 to 8 weeks before date arrival date: 50% refund.  

Cancellation more than 8 weeks before due arrival date: 100% refund.

Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to change bookings and shall inform the customer as soon as possible. Alternative arrangements will be offered but we do not accept responsibility for any cost incurred, including airfare.  

We recommend that all customers have adequate travel, cancellation and medical insurance of the duration of the trip.  

We accept no liability for loss, damage, injuries or illnesses with may occur during the customers stay traveling from or to Women's Wellness Retreat. 

Goddess Tanit Ibiza


"Sylwia has helped me to get my health back. Within a few weeks into her plan, I felt my energy coming back, I finally felt my digestion working better and I felt stronger with each day. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their diet and health. "

- John S  

"Sylwia is brilliant and extremely knowledgeable in her field of nutrition. She has gone out of her way to ensure that the plan she provided me with was designed specifically for my needs. I would not hesitate to engage with Sylwia again and recommend her to anyone who wishes to address their diet and nutritional needs."

- Rosemarie W

"I truly believe Sylwia is my guardian angel! I went to see her a few months ago as I was suffering from IBS, fatigue, mood swings (to name a few!). I've followed her advice and programme and I can honestly that I'm a new person! All the horrible effects of IBS have disappeared. I have much more energy even in the evenings. I also managed to lose 1/2 stone during the Xmas holidays! Her balanced and healthy nutritional plan together with meditations and affirmations have helped me improve my mood and regain calmness in my family life. Sylwia's constant encouragement is really helpful and her positive attitude and energy are infectious! If you want to change your life for the better go and see her!"

- Vicky T

"Sylwia is a professional and knowledgeable nutritionist. Her programmes are inspiring and motivating and have helped me achieve goals that I never thought were possible. Sylwia is friendly and approachable and always available to help answer questions and offer valuable guidance. Sylwia offers an excellent service and I commend her for her hard work and efforts."

- Nav

"I feel really happy for once. I have been really good with my meals and I feel in control again. Sylwia gives great advice! I'm now less focused on the weight loss and more on feeling happy and healthy and it's made me feel lots better about everything. I'm just trying to enjoy myself again and be happy to myself so that it stops me from emotional eating when I feel sad. I am thankfully back to a size 14 again and have found new styles to make me enjoy summer fashion more."

- Christina 

"I was so happy to go on this journey with Sylwia. It took a lot of willpower to cut certain foods and habits out of my life but it was nice to see how my body and mind responded to such changes. One of the most positive changes was feeling my immunity grow stronger, my body has resisted common colds and common ailments for months. I feel like taking part of this detox and nutritional approach changed my relationship with food for the best. I am now more self aware of how I choose to nourish my body. I am grateful for Sylwia for giving me a fresh set of tools for approaching life and food."

- Cecilia

"Sylwia is a professional and knowledgeable nutritionist. Her programmes are inspiring and motivating and have helped me achieve goals that I never thought were possible. Sylwia is friendly and approachable and always available to help answer questions and offer valuable guidance. Sylwia offers an excellent service and I commend her for her hard work and efforts."

- Nav

"I feel really happy for once. I have been really good with my meals and I feel in control again. Sylwia gives great advice! I'm now less focused on the weight loss and more on feeling happy and healthy and it's made me feel lots better about everything. I'm just trying to enjoy myself again and be happy to myself so that it stops me from emotional eating when I feel sad. I am thankfully back to a size 14 again and have found new styles to make me enjoy summer fashion more."

- Christina 

"Sylwia is incredible! She is the only way I have managed to keep my health on track and stay feeling fit & healthy, even shortly afted having two children! Sylwia takes time to understand what is going on with your health & diet, works out a personal programme for you, encourages and motivates you in such a positive way and helps with anything in particular that you are struggling with health wise. I recently joined one of her health programmes and it was the best thing I could have done. Since starting it, I have felt positive about my diet, taken up exercise several times a week and my general mood has really lifted. Thank you so much Sylwia, you are the best and I would recommend your services to anyone!"

- Tammy

"For years I have been struggling with an ear problem. I saw many doctors and the help I got from them was always a temporary solution. The issue was that many of them treated the symptoms not the cause. When I got off from my initial consultation with Sylwia, I was amazed. She took her time to really get to know me and my body. Asked questions about my birth, food habits, sleep patterns and relationships. She needed to know me and my body to help me properly. The journey to healthy ears took a couple of months and it wasn’t easy. However, during that time Sylwia was very supportive and always available to talk. I am very happy with her services and I always recommend her to my friends with full confidence."

- Beata

"I found Sylwia very down to earth, friendly and easy to talk to. With Sylwia's guidance we have changed our whole diet. When I consulted her, I was having problems with my periods, lack of energy and dry skin. She suggested herbal drops and multivitamins. She also sent me a diet plan to follow. As soon as I started to apply the guidelines she had set for me, I started to eat the food that suited my body, I felt a huge difference. I felt fresh, had more energy than ever and all my symptoms disappeared within two months. I cannot thank Sylwia enough for her help. I have recommended her to my friends and family. She is brilliant. Her way of explaining things is so simple and yet so effective."

- Abida 

Let's work together

I am always happy to jump on a call and connect with people who want to start making healthy choices. Book a free consultation to chat with me to get some ideas, be inspired and learn how my process works. 

How to Create a Mindset for improved Wellness and Vitality

Sylwia Razak  

Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting?

Want to learn how to love your body? Want to ditch the scales? 

You have an idea that you want to eat healthier, think better and move more. You’ve had this idea for a while now but life keeps getting in the way. You start with more fruit on Monday and by Wednesday you’re back to the Donuts and Wine.

What if This could be Different? 

What if you could follow the 80/20 rule where you eat well 80% of the time and allow yourself to have your ‘something else’ 20% of the time. How does that sound?  

We’re all busy, we work hard, we have children, aging parents, partners and pets. All of these require our time, inevitably the thing that slips is how well we look after ourselves.  

Having a healthier approach to life is not difficult and can be simple if you choose to prioritise self-care, being kinder to yourself and implement some basic manageable guidelines.  

If you’re up for this now, keep reading if not I’ve planted the seed come back when you’re ready.  

We want to help you buy into the idea of making better choices for yourself.  

Your ally when it comes to looking after yourself more is your mindset. Once you engage your mind to be more supportive of healthier choices, you’ll find things become just that little bit easier, until you’ve created new habits that work for you rather than against you.  

Where or how do I start, I hear you ask?

What does Healthier Look Like for You

Create in your mind an idea of what being healthier looks like, as well as in your mind capture these in writing somewhere.  

Choose one of these things that you aren’t currently doing but you are willing to commit to. Now start doing it, regularly so that you create consistency and by doing so it becomes a new habit. If you miss a slot pick it up again next time or the time after that, no guilt, no frustration, no beating yourself up. Go for something that’s easiest if you prefer, so you’ll have an even greater chance for success.

What might stop you or get in your way?

You know yourself and your situation better than anybody else so you’re the best person to acknowledge, what might hinder you?  

What can you put in place to support you staying on track?  

Habits both helpful and unhelpful are born from consistency. Repeating the habits that help in supporting you towards what you want will allow them to be bedded down, so you’ll come to see them as a regular part of your life.

Say this out loud:


This can be your starting journey of choosing a mindset that works more for you and what you want.  

Now let’s talk about the foundation for a healthy and happier life.  

We can’t forget that the food and nutrition you choose literally becomes you. You are what you eat. Every bite of food will determine the health of each cell in your body and it will have an effect on how you feel, how you think, how you look and how well you are. The transformation happens when you start paying attention to what you put on your plate and as a result, you will see how it positively changes your body.  

We are bombarded with information and people get very confused as what to eat and what is good for their bodies. Many jump from one diet to another and still don’t get long-term results.

What if I told you that healthy eating is easy?

There are a few simple tips that we can share with you that will help you make the changes easier and kick-start your journey to a healthier you. As we know, the brain doesn't like change and it tries to keep us in the safety of our comfort zone, starting new eating habits often may seem impossible, difficult or time-consuming, the brain will try to find any reason for you to fail. The truth is, that it really doesn't have to be that way, the key will be to work on your mindset, find your whys and understand how important it is for you to be well and healthy.

What can you do right now to start your transformation?

1. Start your day with a big glass of water with a bit of lemon and drink 1.5L of water a day. Water is a vital part of our bodies, we are made 60% of water! Our body needs water for almost all processes such as energy production (who knew that water is an energy drink), detoxification, digestion and healthy looking skin. The first sign of dehydration is low energy and headaches so make sure you hydrate yourself before you pop another painkiller.  

2. Have 3 meals a day and add a portion of protein and vegetables to each meal. This will help balance your blood sugar levels and ensures good energy throughout the day, balanced moods and fewer cravings.  

3. Ditch sugar! Eating too much sugar can have many negative health effects. An excess of sweetened foods and beverages can lead to weight gain, blood sugar problems, inflammation, low moods, skin problems and an increased risk of heart disease, among other dangerous conditions and most of all it drains your energy and speeds up the aging processes.

IBS Nutritionist London

About The Author

London Nutritionist, Sylwia Razak is passionate about food and wellness. When she’s not serving her clients, she either baking, mixing up essential oils our out taking a road trip with her family. 

10 Ways To Take Control Of Your Cravings

Sylwia Razak  

Everyone gets cravings from time to time.

Sometimes you kid yourself that it is your body telling you that you need to have something (and there is some truth in this – more on that later). 

Most of the time, however, it is a habit. 

There are some simple steps you can take to manage cravings and avoid binges. Using a combination of these steps will be most effective and some techniques will work better than others for you, so it’s best to experiment.

But I need it 

Your body needs a steady flow of energy throughout the day. 

When you eat too many things that turn quickly into sugar (whether it’s sugar or starchy carbohydrates), this creates a blood sugar spike and the body produces insulin to take the excess sugar out of your blood, and it stores it as fat. 

Sometimes too much of this sugar is packed away, which leads to blood sugar levels becoming too low, resulting in tiredness, low mood, a drop in concentration – and cravings. The cravings are nearly always for sugary foods or starchy carbs; anything the body can quickly convert to sugar to get blood sugar levels up again. 

Eating continually in this way causes a blood sugar rollercoaster. Switching to a low GL (glycaemic load) diet based on whole foods like meat, fish, nuts, seeds, beans and so on with vegetables and fruit, with smaller amounts of wholegrain starches like brown rice and wholemeal bread will help enormously. However, you also need to deal with your triggers and the emotional aspect of eating …  

How to manage your cravings

1. FORGET 'WILLPOWER Willpower in itself is not enough. Instead, learn to be in control of your actions. The first, most simple step is to make sure you don’t get hungry, so eat regular meals.

2. IDENTIFY AND WRITE DOWN YOUR TRIGGERS Are they emotional triggers? Food triggers? Habits? Triggers in certain places or situations? Identifying what your triggers help you take control of them and change the outcome. What is it that you need? What strategies can you put in place now to support yourself?  

3. GET RID OF YOUR TRIGGER FOODS If you don't have control of a food then it is controlling you. If it triggered a binge in the past, it will do so again. Get rid of it and don't buy it – for you or your family. It's OK to throw away food that is bad for you. A smoker wouldn't keep packets of cigarettes around the house if they were trying to break the habit – why do that with trigger foods?

4. PLAN WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO EAT IN ADVANCE This is so important. Eventually, your healthy eating will become second nature, but you need to support yourself until your new habits are firmly in place.  

5. IDENTIFY CRAVE/BINGE THOUGHTS To take control, you need to be ready to respond to these with a more positive alternative. Here are some examples: "I'm so stressed" – being miserable because I'm fatter won't help. "I had far too many biscuits, I may as well just keep going" – that's in the past now, rescue the rest of the day. "I've been really good. I deserve a reward" – being slim and in control is my best reward. "I've got PMS. I need chocolate" – eating sugar will make me feel worse. "One slice is not too bad" – but I know it'll end up being 4 slices!

6. CHOOSE TO EAT OR NOT "A biscuit would be nice but I choose not to have one right now". Don't take orders from a packet of biscuits! Choosing puts you back in control. Remember, the responsibility is yours. You are the one who puts food in your mouth, even if it sometimes feels as though it is out of your control, it never is.

7. DEVELOP SHORT, KEY PHRASES TO HELP YOU MAKE NEW CHOICES The more you use a phrase, the more it becomes a part of what you now do, so develop phrases such as "Don't start, don't get the taste" or “I actually don’t want this” or “I am not hungry, so I will not eat for the moment”. Creating a mental picture can also help, e.g. visualising yourself slamming a cupboard door on the unhealthy foods you are now choosing to avoid. Practise this until it becomes second nature.

8. USE DISPLACEMENT ACTIVITIES If you get a crave/ binge thought, do something else (paint your nails, go for a walk, clean out the fridge, put on some music, write a letter, for example). Simply giving yourself a few moments may relieve the pressure and stop the chain reaction. Find something that works for you, write these down to reinforce them and commit to doing them.

9. ACCEPT YOUR SLIPS Unless you are superhuman, there will be the odd time that you slip and have more than you should. Slim people over indulge too – but they don’t beat themselves up about it. They just go back to eating normally. Remember, the occasional slice of cake or a portion that is too big is not going to make you put on a few pounds, but a huge binge will. Plus, binges on sugary or salty food will make you retain water – making you look and feel heavier than you really are. It's just not worth it. If you have a slip you can still rescue the situation and stop it turning into a binge, sabotaging all your good work. Say: "It's done, it's in the past and I choose to move on". Reaffirm your resolve to make a different choice next time.

10. PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE ...until your new found control feels completely normal, which it will! It takes at least 21 times of doing something to create a new habit. It feels weird at first and takes a lot of conscious effort. But eventually, your brain 'gets it' and you will do it without thinking!

If you think you need help with creating healthy new eating habits and getting control of your cravings contact me or book a FREE Discovery Call to discuss your situation and how I can help. 

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About The Author

London Nutritionist, Sylwia Razak is passionate about food and wellness. When she’s not serving her clients, she either baking, mixing up essential oils our out taking a road trip with her family. 

5 Potential Causes of IBS

Sylwia Razak  

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a problem I see so often in the clinic and it is problematic on many different levels. 

If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you may well have been suffering with it for years and, while a diagnosis can – at first– offer comfort in finally having a recognised problem, the satisfaction is short lived because often that’s where all support ends, and you’re left no further forward in actually fixing what the problem is. 

The difficulty begins because IBS is essentially meaningless; it’s a catch-all term used to encompass a huge variety of digestive issues. 

In my experience, what you may be experiencing is likely to be one of the following five conditions. 

1. SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) Around 80% of people with IBS will have SIBO. Though you might have heard about good (and bad) bacteria in the gut, really what experts are talking about is the balance of bacteria in the large intestine: the colon. The small intestine shouldn’t have any bacteria, and the each day the body should perform a flush to sweep bacteria from the small intestine and into the large intestine. This flush is called the ‘migrating motor complex’. For a huge variety of reasons (historic food poisoning being the most common, but also low levels of stomach acid or adhesions play a role, among others) the bacteria are not swept away. The trouble is that these bacteria can ferment the food in your small intestine, causing gas, belching, bloating, pain and a variety of other symptoms, including constipation and/or loose stools, and even anxiety. A breath test can establish which gases are present, and we can devise an action plan based on your results. 

2. Lactose intolerance This is when your body is not able to tolerate lactose, a type of sugar found naturally in milk and other dairy products. Essentially, bacteria in your intestine feed on these milk sugars, leading to a host of IBS symptoms, like bloating and gas, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea. It can go hand in hand with other digestive complaints, such as coeliac disease or increased intestinal permeability (‘leaky gut’). Lactose intolerance can be diagnosed via a simple at-home breath test. 

3. Fructose malabsorption The symptoms are very similar to lactose intolerance. Fructose (which is found in fruit, honey and many processed foods) is a sugar, which, like lactose, is digested in the small intestine. Some people cannot absorb fructose, and what is not absorbed is fermented by intestinal bacteria, causing bloating, cramping, gas and distension of the stomach. You might also experience brain fog and headaches. A breath test will diagnose the condition.  

4. Dysbiosis This is an imbalance in the levels of beneficial (good) and pathogenic (bad) bacteria in the large intestine or colon. This is now common due to overuse of antibiotics and alcohol, an increase in high sugar diets, and stress. Symptoms can vary from a sluggish bowel or diarrhoea, pain, bloating and flatulence, to chronic bad breath, joint pain, fatigue and food sensitivities. Dysbiosis is also implicated in a variety of health conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity. A stool test can help establish whether your gut bacteria are out of balance, along with a host of other markers that might be useful in getting to the root of your digestive problems.  

5. Yeast overgrowth Where the gut environment becomes out of balance (due to dysbiosis), yeast can thrive. Diets high in sugar feed the yeast – although if you think you might have a yeast overgrowth, it’s worth noting that long-term yeast problems can mean that the yeast cells are pathogenic or disease causing, and that the yeast has switched its metabolism to also be able to digest protein and fat. Symptoms of yeast overgrowth include recurring thrush, gas or bloating, fatigue, bad breath, cravings for sweet foods, joint pain and brain fog. A stool test can establish the presence of candida or other yeast overgrowths.  

Some people struggle with digestive problems for years. If you are ready to make fixing your gut health a priority, I would love to work with you. Please click the link here to book your free IBS health check now. 

If you’re serious about getting to the bottom of the problem (no pun intended), take a look at my IBS Programme

For more information on how can help you to treat your IBS symptoms please book a free consultation or contact me.

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IBS Nutritionist London

About The Author

London Nutritionist, Sylwia Razak is passionate about food and wellness. When she’s not serving her clients, she either baking, mixing up essential oils our out taking a road trip with her family. 


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