Are you fed up with yo-yo dieting? Want to learn how to love your body? Want to ditch the scales?             

You have an idea that you want to eat healthier, think better and move more. You’ve had this idea for a while now but life keeps getting in the way. You start with more fruit on Monday and by Wednesday you’re back to the Donuts and Wine.


What if this could be different?


What if you could follow the 80/20 rule where you eat well 80% of the time and allow yourself to have your ‘something else’ 20% of the time. How does that sound?

We’re all busy, we work hard, we have children, aging parents, partners and pets. All of these require our time, inevitably the thing that slips is how well we look after ourselves.

Having a healthier approach to life is not difficult and can be simple if you choose to prioritise self-care, being kinder to yourself and implement some basic manageable guidelines.

If you’re up for this now, keep reading if not I’ve planted the seed come back when you’re ready.

We want to help you buy into the idea of making better choices for yourself.

Your ally when it comes to looking after yourself more is your mindset. Once you engage your mind to be more supportive of healthier choices, you’ll find things become just that little bit easier, until you’ve created new habits that work for you rather than against you.

Where or how do I start, I hear you ask?


What does healthier look like for you?

Create in your mind an idea of what being healthier looks like, as well as in your mind capture these in writing somewhere.

Choose one of these things that you aren’t currently doing but you are willing to commit to. Now start doing it, regularly so that you create consistency and by doing so it becomes a new habit. If you miss a slot pick it up again next time or the time after that, no guilt, no frustration, no beating yourself up. Go for something that’s easiest if you prefer, so you’ll have an even greater chance for success.


What might stop you or get in your way?

You know yourself and your situation better than anybody else so you’re the best person to acknowledge, what might hinder you?

What can you put in place to support you staying on track?

Habits both helpful and unhelpful are born from consistency. Repeating the habits that help in supporting you towards what you want will allow them to be bedded down, so you’ll come to see them as a regular part of your life.


Say this out loud:

“I commit to self-care and changing my habits, one step at a time”.


This can be your starting journey of choosing a mindset that works more for you and what you want.

Now let’s talk about the foundation for a healthy and happier life.

We can’t forget that the food and nutrition you choose literally becomes you. You are what you eat. Every bite of food will determine the health of each cell in your body and it will have an effect on how you feel, how you think, how you look and how well you are. The transformation happens when you start paying attention to what you put on your plate and as a result, you will see how it positively changes your body.

We are bombarded with information and people get very confused as what to eat and what is good for their bodies. Many jump from one diet to another and still don’t get long-term results.


What if we told you that healthy eating is easy?

There are a few simple tips that we can share with you that will help you make the changes easier and kick-start your journey to a healthier you. As we know, the brain doesn't like change and it tries to keep us in the safety of our comfort zone, starting new eating habits often may seem impossible, difficult or time-consuming, the brain will try to find any reason for you to fail. The truth is, that it really doesn't have to be that way, the key will be to work on your mindset, find your whys and understand how important it is for you to be well and healthy.


What can you do today to start your transformation?

1.     Start your day with a big glass of water with a bit of lemon and drink 1.5L of water a day. Water is a vital part of our bodies, we are made 60% of water! Our body needs water for almost all processes such as energy production (who knew that water is an energy drink), detoxification, digestion and healthy looking skin. The first sign of dehydration is low energy and headaches so make sure you hydrate yourself before you pop another painkiller.

2.     Have 3 meals a day and add a portion of protein and vegetables to each meal. This will help balance your blood sugar levels and ensures good energy throughout the day, balanced moods and fewer cravings.

3.     Ditch sugar! Eating too much sugar can have many negative health effects. An excess of sweetened foods and beverages can lead to weight gain, blood sugar problems, inflammation, low moods, skin problems and an increased risk of heart disease, among other dangerous conditions and most of all it drains your energy and speeds up the aging processes.


Learn the simple strategies to creating a positive mindset towards nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, join us on a live webinar on Tuesday 18th September at 7.30pm.


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