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Inspiring & Motivating

"Sylwia's programmes are inspiring and motivating and have helped me achieve goals that I never thought were possible. Sylwia is friendly and approachable and always available to help answer questions and offer valuable guidance. Sylwia offers an excellent service and I commend her for her hard work and efforts."


5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I have just completed a 30 day programme with Sylwia and I must congratulate her on her professional approach. Her positive and fun demeanour is truly infectious. Her sound advice is backed up with logic and never radical; her extensive knowledge and ethos are based on a healthy lifestyle, avoiding fads and focusing on facts. Without hesitation, I would recommend her programmes."


Dorota, London

The programme wasn't easy for me at first because of my crazy eating habits and life style, however with some effort and Sylwia's help and group encouragement I managed to make changes in my diet and oh boy the results were great! I not only lost weight but also I felt amazing, energised and slept so much better. If I managed to make changes and follow the plan everyone can! I loved the programme and I will definitely do the next one when ever Sylwia is going to run it."


Christine, London

"...DO IT! Sylwia's programmes are easy to follow, very professional and fun to do. You will have an amazing support and guidelines that will help you achieve your goal. I gained energy, my skin cleared up (got many compliments) and most of all I lost 1 stone effortlessly!"


Joanna, London

"I highly recommend Sylwia’s programme! Completed one a few months ago, lost nearly a stone but more importantly completely changed the way our family eats! Worth every penny!!".


Kas, London.

"I joined one of Sylwia’s programs before! I’m so glad I did! I was looking for someone who could help me change my eating habits so I could feel better and have more energy, in 30 days I lost nearly 7 pounds- even tho it wasn’t my priority! Being a part of this FB group gave me so much motivation and you have no choice than just Keep Calm And Carry On."