" I truly believe Sylwia is my guardian angel! I went to see her a few months ago as I was suffering from IBS, fatigue, mood swings (to name a few!). I've followed her advice and programme and I can honestly that I'm a new person! All the horrible effects of IBS have disappeared. I have much more energy even in the evenings. I also managed to lose 1/2 stone during the Xmas holidays! Her balanced and healthy nutritional plan together with meditations and affirmations have helped me improve my mood and regain calmness in my family life. Sylwia's constant encouragement is really helpful and her positive attitude and energy are infectious! If you want to change your life for the better go and see her!"

Vicky T London, England

"Sylwia is a professional and knowledgeable nutritionist. Her programmes are inspiring and motivating and have helped me achieve goals that I never thought were possible. Sylwia is friendly and approachable and always available to help answer questions and offer valuable guidance. Sylwia offers an excellent service and I commend her for her hard work and efforts."

NAV C. London, England


"Sylwia  is incredible! She is the only way I have managed to keep my health on track and stay feeling fit & healthy, even shortly afted having two children! Sylwia takes time to understand what is going on with your health & diet, works out a personal programme for you, encourages and motivates you in such a positive way and helps with anything in particular that you are struggling with health wise. I recently joined one of her health programmes and it was the best thing I could have done. Since starting it, I have felt positive about my diet, taken up exercise several times a week and my general mood has really lifted. Thank you so much Sylwia, you are the best and I would recommend your services to anyone!"

Tammy C. London, England

"I feel really happy for once. I have been really good with my meals and I feel in control again. Sylwia gives great advice!  I'm now less focused on the weight loss and more on feeling happy and healthy and it's made me feel lots better about everything. I'm just trying to enjoy myself again and be happy to myself so that it stops me from emotional eating when I feel sad. I am thankfully back to a size 14 again and have found new styles to make me enjoy summer fashion more."

Christina P. London, England

"Sylwia is brilliant and extremely knowledgeable in her field of nutrition. She has gone out of her way to ensure that the plan she provided me with was designed specifically for my needs.  I would not hesitate to engage with Sylwia again and recommend her to anyone who wishes to address their diet and nutritional needs."



"I was so happy to go on this journey with Sylwia. It took a lot of willpower to cut certain foods and habits out of my life but it was nice to see how my body and mind responded to such changes. One of the most positive changes was feeling my immunity grow stronger, my body has resisted common colds and common ailments for months. I feel like taking part of this detox and nutritional approach changed my relationship with food for the best. I am now more self aware of how I choose to nourish my body. I am grateful for Sylwia for giving me a fresh set of tools for approaching life and food."

Cecilia Z. New York City, USA.


"Sylwia has helped me to get my health back. Within a few weeks into her plan, I felt my energy coming back, I finally felt my digestion working better and I felt stronger with each day. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to improve their diet and health. "



"For years I have been struggling with an ear problem. I saw many doctors and the help I got from them was always a temporary solution.
The issue was that many of them treated the symptoms not the cause. When I got off from my initial consultation with Sylwia, I was amazed. She took her time to really get to know me and my body. Asked questions about my birth, food habits, sleep patterns and relationships. She needed to know me and my body to help me properly.  The journey to healthy ears took a couple of months and it wasn’t easy. However, during that time Sylwia was very supportive and always available to talk. I am very happy with her services and I always recommend her to my friends with full confidence."

Beata D. Austin, Texas, USA.


"I found Sylwia very down to earth, friendly and easy to talk to.  With Sylwia's guidance we have changed our whole diet.  When I consulted her, I was having problems with my periods, lack of energy and dry skin. She suggested herbal drops and multivitamins. She also sent me a diet plan to follow.  As soon as I started to imply the guidelines she had set for me,  I started to eat the food that suited my body, I felt a huge difference. I felt fresh, had more energy than ever and all my symptoms disappeared within two months.

How can our body heal it self ?  By just eating the right food and giving it the supplements it needs.  
I cannot thank Sylwia enough for her help.
I have recommended her to my friends and family. She is brilliant.  Her way of explaining things is so simple and yet so effective."

Abida H. Nottingham, ENGLAND.


"Sylwia has been my nutritionist since 2012, and I am in much better shape now than I used to be.  I needed to take a nap everyday because my energy was so low and I constantly picked up colds and flus, not to mention the uncontrollable sweet tooth! Ever since my first consultation with Sylwia, my lifestyle has changed forever. Sylwia taught me whats in the food I'm craving and how to eat healthily to energise my body throughout the day.  Sylwia has helped me implement positive changes into my daily routine when it comes to food, I feel nourished and my immune system is super strong. 

I can't thank Sylwia enough, she is always there for me when I need her advise, she has a vast amount of knowledge which she shares so enthusiastically. THANK YOU!"

Evie D. London, ENGLAND.